About Us

Sun Valley Guitars was built out of an immense love for guitars.  From a young age, Brian has been honing his guitar and musical abilities.  He currently plays on the Worship band at his church.  Brian has worked, and been part owner of The Mandolin Store for over ten years, where he is known for his exemplary skills in professional set-up and repair work.  He is touted for his expertise and knowledge with Mandolins, Guitars, and other fretted instruments.  If you are looking for sound advice on which instrument will be best suited for your needs, Brian is eager to help you find the best one.

Brian and Rhianna Farmer are proud parents to Brady, Eva, Kali and Colton.  When not covered in ebony dust, they enjoy spending time with their beautiful family. We appreciate you visiting our page and hope to help you in your buying experience of an instrument you will love for years to come. Contact us HERE