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D’Addario 1CA7-01 Casein 2.0mm Standard Guitar Pick


D’Addario’s Casein guitar and instrument picks supply a warmth, attack, and output that was previously only available in true tortoiseshell picks. But unlike tortoiseshell, casein is a humane material derived from dairy protein that can be shaped into endless styles and thicknesses. The D’Addario 1CA7-01 comes to you in a traditional 351 shape for a familiar feel in the hand. A right-handed bevel gives you better agility from string to string, and at 2.0mm thick the 1CA7-01 packs plenty of output for single-note leads and solos.

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  • A natural material derived from dairy protein
  • The closest thing to true tortoiseshell
  • Delivers warmth, attack, and output comparable to tortoiseshell
  • Familiar 351 shape
  • Right-handed beveled edge glides across strings for superb comfort
  • 2.0mm thick